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Waste Classification and Disposal Services

Geo-Logix provides strategic advice on waste classification and disposal for private, commercial and industrial clients.

Our extensive experience in assessing contamination and waste classification will ensure the most cost-effective solution for managing any waste associated with your site. If you want to avoid fines, disputes or unnecessary waste costs, call us for expert advice that ensures you are legally compliant but also achieves the best economic outcome.

Strategic waste disposal can save you time and money.

What is Waste?
Under the waste legislation (POEO Act), any surplus solid, liquid or gas must be classified into one of six waste classes. This requirement applies even if the surplus is intended for recycling or reuse.

The POEA Act defines the following six waste classes. Each class is based on the level of risk posed to the environment and human health and attract different disposal costs.

Six Classes of Waste

1. Special waste (covers asbestos waste)
2. Liquid waste
3. Hazardous waste
4. Restricted solid waste
5. General solid waste (putrescible)
6. General solid waste (non-putrescible).

EPA Guidelines
The EPA’s Waste Classification Guidelines include step-by-step processes that must be employed for classifying waste. Although the Guidelines are strictly applied, it is possible to avoid some waste levies by meeting the requirements for an exemption. This strategy usually involves chemical assessment of soil to determine whether particular contaminants are present below certain thresholds.

Expert Advice
Determining waste classifications and exemptions can be complicated and the guidelines require that a suitably qualified consultant must classify soil before it can be legally disposed of.

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Waste Classification Services

  • Sample collection and analysis
  • Waste characterisation (including asbestos and leachates)
  • Waste classification and reporting
  • Supervision of excavations and waste disposal
  • Due diligence advice on contamination assessment, land remediation and waste disposal

All testing is completed by a NATA accredited laboratory.