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UPSS Checks: Prevention is Better than Cure

Check your service station's UPSS

Regular checks of underground storage systems can prevent costly contamination

Underground petroleum storage systems (UPSS) are a major source of soil and groundwater contamination and are the subject of many environmental assessment and remediation projects. UPSS are found at fuel outlets such as service stations, vehicle dealerships, general stores and transport facilities, as well as industrial and commercial sites with fuel storage facilities.

Spills, leaks and other containment failures bring the risk of explosion, risks to human health, devastation of groundwater and natural resources, and economic impacts. They can also damage the reputation of the organisations and individuals involved.

Petroleum hydrocarbons in contaminated groundwater are particularly problematic as they can become mobile and interact with surface water and other natural ecosystems. A single cup of fuel can make a volume of water the size of an Olympic swimming pool undrinkable.

Regular checks aid early detection

It can take some time for soil and groundwater contamination to become apparent as contaminants in groundwater can move slowly compared to contaminants in surface water. Poor access to underground storage systems and groundwater also make it difficult to detect contamination and evaluate groundwater quality. Regular checks of underground storage systems can lead to early detection of leaking systems and aid containment.

Under NSW UPSS Regulations service station owners and operators are required to check regularly for leaks in fuel tanks and pipes and meet certain installation and operating standards. It is against the law to allow or ignore contamination resulting from a leaking or faulty system.

Engage the UPSS experts

Owners/operators usually bear the clean up costs of leaks so it makes good sense to ensure systems are correctly installed, operated and maintained. Geo-Logix is fluent with all UPSS regulations and standards and our team is skilled in identifying and managing hazardous material. We can ensure your system is compliant and provide documentation for the regulators or any buyers/sellers. Geo-Logix can also locate, decommission and remove UPSS, perform groundwater monitoring and undertake contamination assessments and remediation.

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