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Geotechnical Engineering Services

Geo-Logix geotechnical engineering services

Dependable analysis. Reliable advice.

Geo-Logix’s expert team has extensive experience in providing geotechnical engineering services and investigations across diverse environments both in Australia and the US. With a great eye for detail, we characterise and analyse the physical properties of soil and rock to gain a clear understanding of the ground conditions and how they impact land developments.

Geo-Logix provides our clients highly specialised geotechnical engineering advice during all project phases from feasibility through to design and construction. Our scopes of work assist structural and engineering design and can focus on footings, foundations, pavements, slope stability, bulk earth works, dewatering and aggressive soils. We can help expedite your project by identifying and managing geotechnical ground risks so that your project comes in on time and on budget.

Geo-Logix’s geotechnical engineering services are provided through a comprehensive, multidisciplinary, team of geologists, hydrogeologists, environmental scientists and geotechnical engineers who work together to deliver your project in a timely and cost-effective manner. By combining geotechnical engineering and environmental investigations, Geo-Logix can help expedite your projects and make cost savings.

Geotechnical Engineering Services


  • Rock and soil analysis
  • Foundation and footing design
  • Slab and pavement design
  • Site classification
  • Earthwork strategies
  • Fill and soft spot rectification
  • Shoring and slope stabilisation
  • Groundwater investigations
  • Acid sulfate soil investigations
  • Soil salinity investigations
  • In situ concrete testing