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Contamination Assessment

Geo-Logix contamination assessments

We identify the risks and offer solutions

Land contamination assessments require a multi-disciplinary approach to determine the nature and extent of contamination and the actual or potential risk it presents to human health and the environment.

Geo-Logix’s environmental consultants are highly experienced in conducting site contamination assessments to identify and quantify land contamination risks. We have a successful track record in delivering commercially sound solutions to meet your project objectives and land use requirements.

Our field techniques and experience with diverse sites and contaminants ensure we collect the right data the first time. Our expertise in geology, hydrogeology, engineering, chemistry and toxicology combined with a deep regulatory knowledge enables us to identify and quantify problems and propose the best remediation strategy.

Environmental Services – Land Contamination Assessments

  • Air, soil and groundwater contamination assessment
  • Chemical vapour intrusion modelling and assessment
  • Asbestos investigations by a licensed assessor
  • PFAS assessments
  • Contamination fate and transport modelling
  • Human health and ecological risk assessment
  • Remediation strategy and validation
  • Due diligence advice for site acquisition/disposal
  • Expert witness testimony in site contamination issues
  • Statutory environmental site audits in NSW, QLD, ACT and NT

Experienced Environmental Consultants

Geo-Logix’s technically qualified environmental consultants have assessed hundreds of sites and are highly experienced in the assessment of contamination issues that arise from diverse industrial and manufacturing land uses. Our team also manages the specialist contamination issues presented by asbestos, dry cleaners, clandestine drug labs, livestock dips and PFAS compounds. The Geo-Logix team includes a certified auditor, SQP, licensed asbestos assessor and industry certified practitioners.

Why should you use a certified practitioner? The SCPA provides five good reasons


Our experience, technical knowledge and quality has been recognised with certifications from the following organisations: