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David Gregory Geo-Logix Pty Ltd Auditor

David Gregory Accredited Auditor in NSW, QLD, ACT, NT

Geo-Logix Director, David Gregory, is an accredited Site Auditor in NSW and an accredited Contaminated Land Auditor in Queensland. This means that David has been certified by the EPA in both States to independently review assessment, remediation and validation reports and ensure that the methodology and interpretation of the data conform to current regulations and guidelines. In other words, David has been endorsed as an expert reviewer with “sign-off” on contaminated land assessments and remediation reports in NSW, Queensland, the ACT and the Northern Territory.

When is an audit required?
Planning authorities or the EPA might ask for an audit of an environmental report if they believe the report is incomplete or incorrect, or to simply verify that the information provided adheres to current standards and guidelines.

Engaging a Site Auditor increases the degree of certainty about the nature and extent of contamination on a site, and the suitability of the site for its proposed use.

In Queensland, landowners who want a site removed from the Environmental Management Register (EMR) or Contaminated Land Register (CLR) must engage a suitably qualified person to undertake a study of the site and prepare contaminated land investigation documents. The owner must also engage an auditor to certify the documents.

Minimising delays
Engaging a Site Auditor at the start of a site investigation or remediation project will help ensure your environmental consultants are performing appropriate and adequate work, and will minimise project delays.

Managing complex projects
For complex projects, a Site Auditor might be required to oversee, evaluate and certify work at various stages of the project.

Reviewing management plans
Site Auditors review management plans and voluntary management proposals to assess whether the plans are suitable for the specified land uses.

A Site Auditor might also be asked to prepare a plan of management defining the measures required to make a site suitable for a changed use.

Contact David
David Gregory has more than 20 years’ experience as a geologist and land contamination specialist. He works extensively with property developers on contaminated land issues as well as Councils and other government organisations. Contact David for information on the compliance requirements for your site or review our audit services.